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At Peninsula Glass, we want you to make an informed decision about any new glass you need or services you require. That’s why we’re providing links to our suppliers – you can read about each one, learn their differences and specialties, and make your decision based on fact.


If you aren't sure about the right glass for your purposes, call us and we'll talk you through the process of deciding. After you've reached a decision, let us know and we will provide you with the best installation services in Canada.


Our Quality Brands

Stanley Access Technologies provides tempered, annealed and matt glass for casting acrylic sheet production.


OldCastle BuildingEnvelope is a supplier of building materials, including curtain walls, windows, skylights, glass and entrances/storefronts.


Alumicor is a Canadian based manufacturer of architectural aluminum building products, their products go into the creation of curtain walls, windows, entrances, swing doors and overhead glazing.


Do you still need more information about our services and brands?

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